Advanced Ceiling Microphone
Delivers configurable and invisible audio coverage from above for rooms of any size or shape
  • Steerable Coverage™ Technology : Configure up to 8 separate pick-up patterns (lobes) in three dimensions to capture high quality participant audio form overhead.
  • Automatic Positioning : Auto Configuration tool allows to quickly set up lobes by automatically steering them towards each participant’s voice.
    Shure DSP Utilities: Optimize voice quality through precise coverage, automatic mixing, equalization, and echo reduction.
  • Flexible Networking : Mix, route and manage the signals from each coverage area as discrete channels on a Dante network over a single Ethernet cable. An additional automix channel provides added flexibility.
  • Browser-based Control Software : Nine configuration templates to speed initial set-up. Ten presets allow importing or exporting array configurations between multiple arrays and/or PCs.
  • Mounting Flexibility : Seamlessly integrate arrays within room designs via flush mounting (standard tile dimensions), pole or suspension mounts.